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  Alcohol is Legal...

Information beyond the front page of this website is subject to change at anytime due to Governors Covid-19 order.

Any Size Cooler is OK,  Disposable Containers, Alcohol and 
Music are LEGAL on the River at Tube Haus!

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Kaisha tubing on the Horseshoe Loop section of the Guadalupe River with lots of other people!

   Local Weather Forecast River Levels Campgrounds &  Lodging   
(Photo Right) This
is the famous   "Horseshoe Loop" 
section of the 
Guadalupe River next to Tube Haus, in Canyon Lake, TX. The Horseshoe Loop is one of the most popular places to float on the Guadalupe River! It is truly a unique, fun and awesome way to hang out, socialize, and meet new friends!
Photo: The famous Horseshoe Loop section of the Guadalupe River near Tube Haus in Canyon Lake, TX.
Photo: This is one of the "Put-in" points to float the Guadalupe River and Horseshoe Loop near Tube Haus, Canyon Lake, TX.
(Photo Left)
This is one of the "Put-in" points where you can get in the Guadalupe River and float the "Horseshoe Loop" near Tube Haus!
Entry is easy, 
fun, and quick!

Tube Haus is centrally located near New Braunfels, San Antonio, and Austin in Canyon Lake, TX., on FM 306 (Maps & Directions),
and Tube Haus specializes in Guadalupe River Tube Rides, Tube Floats, Inner Tube Float Trips, Tube Rentals, Cooler Tubes, floating & tubing
on the Guadalupe River. Tube Haus is conveniently located at the very beginning of the famous Horseshoe Loop!
- At Tube Haus there is "No Can Ban" or Ban on Disposable Containers", and at Tube Haus you can bring your music with you on 
the river without being hassled by local Law Enforcement! 
- At Tube Haus alcohol and open containers are legal on the river, but glass containers are not, so bring your 
beverages in cans or plastic bottles (please drink responsibly to insure your safety and of those around you).
- There are "No Restrictions on Cooler Size" at Tube Haus, bring any size cooler you like, however Styrofoam and Glass are 
banned on the River, so no Styrofoam Coolers or Ice Chests or and type of Styrofoam items or Glass items are allowed on the river. 
(Click here for "Cooler and Ice Chest Tips and Cooler Tube Tips")
Click here for a detailed description of the "2021 River Rules" in Canyon Lake compared to New Braunfels!

How long does it take to float or ride down the Guadalupe River? See Guadalupe River Float Map below... The time it takes to float or tube down the Guadalupe River depends on which "Float Trip" you choose. Float times vary depending on how fast the river is flowing, measured in "cfs" (cubic feet per second). The higher the cfs, the faster the river is flowing, thus reducing the time it takes to float each Float trip as opposed to the lower the cfs, the longer it takes to complete your float trip. River Levels and flows can change daily, so the time it takes to float the river can change daily.

Guadalupe River Tubing Float Map

Map Key

  • Location "B" is the "Entry Point" to enter the Guadalupe River from Tube Haus and is also the beginning of the "Short Float" and the "Long Float-
    (The walk to "Entry Point A" is about 100 yards from Tube Haus) -

  • Location "B" is the "Exit Point" for the "Short Float". Tube Haus customers floating the "Short Float" will exit the river right before the Bridge. (Note: If you are floating the "Short Float", do not go under or past the Bridge, get out BEFORE the bridge and walk up the foot-path from the river to the "Shuttle Pick Up Area" for Tube Haus.) Customers who are floating the "Long Float" will float on past Location "B" and continue onto Location "C" past the 4th Crossing Bridge, all the way down to "Little Ponderosa", as shown on the Map.

  • Location "C" is at the Little Ponderosa Bridge and is the "Exit Point" for all Tube Haus customers who are floating the "Long Float Trip". Customers will exit from the river at Little Ponderosa and take the Shuttle back to Tube Haus.

  • Short Float: Points A to B (1 mile in length - Horseshoe Loop) 
    Float Time: About 1 to 2 hours depending on River Levels.

  • Long Float - (Subject to River Levels) (about 4 miles in length) Float Time: About 5 to 6 hours depending on River Levels.

    Note: River Levels can vary from day to day which will have a direct impact on availability and on how long any given float trip will take to complete. We suggest that you ask anyone on the Tube Haus staff how much time your float trip will take to complete on the day you are floating to get the most accurate float trip time possible.


If you want to experience Texas River Tubing at it's finest, there is only one place to go... Tube Haus!  Look for the BIG Texas Flag painted on our Huge Billboard and you'll find the best river tubing and float trips on inner tubes in Texas! We're located at the beginning of "The Famous Horseshoe Loop" section of the Guadalupe River, which is a 1 mile stretch of the river shaped just like a Horseshoe! ( Click here to see an Aerial View of the "Horseshoe Loop" and then hover your mouse over the river.) As you look at the Aerial Map of the Horseshoe Loop, you'll see a Bridge at each end of the Horseshoe. If you hover your mouse over each Bridge, you'll see an "info tag" pop up. The Bridge on the left side the "Entry Point" is where you will begin your Float Trip. The Bridge on the right side of the Horseshoe is the "Exit Point" for our "Short Float", if you continue floating past that Bridge, you will float another 1 1/2 miles to the "4th Crossing Bridge" and "Take Out Point", which marks the end of our "Long Float". Floating down the Guadalupe River on inner tubes is fast becoming one of the most socially popular and fun ways to stay cool under the hot Texas sun all summer long!

Local Lodging
 There are 3 resorts close to Tube Haus that offer Cabins and Rooms, all come highly recommended! You can check them out by clicking on the links below.
Holiday Lodge

The Lodge at Turkey Cove

The Log Cabins at Jacobs Creek

Guadalupe River Tubing on the famous Horseshoe Loop, Canyon Lake, TX at Tube Haus!

Tube Haus is located at the beginning of the famous "Horseshoe Loop" section of the Guadalupe River which is a popular attraction and a fun social meeting destination as seen in the photo above. Click on the following link for a Google Map and directions to: 
 Tube Haus, 12454 FM 306, Canyon Lake, TX 78133

Welcome Y100 and KONO 
101.1 Listeners! 

From San Antonio, you are just a short drive away from the beautiful and scenic waters of the Guadalupe River!
Google Maps

See Ya When You Git Here!!!

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If you're looking for a great place to enjoy a Float Trip on the Guadalupe River with friends, family and your dog, Tube Haus is the Oasis you've been searching for. Tube Haus is "pet friendly" (referring to dogs) and you can find out the details in our "Tubing Checklist", see item number 16 at the bottom of the list for information about "tubing with your dog or floating the river with your dog" at Tube Haus, because a lot of dogs love river tubing and being in the water! Tube Haus is only 13 miles from New Braunfels... just a short drive to the famous Horseshoe Loop on the Guadalupe River, where you can enjoy an awesome river float on inner tubes, with a cooler full of your favorite beverages and snacks!

Our 3 biggest weekends of the Tube Season are Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend, and Tube Haus will be open daily for "Spring Break each year (weather permitting)", from 9am to 5pm. We highly recommend that you plan ahead for all 3 Holidays, especially if you need Lodging, Camping or an RV site because Lodging and Campsites usually book up pretty quick just before school lets out for the summer. Tube Season at Tube Haus generally runs from the first week in March through the end of September each year, however depending on the weather each year, this time frame may be longer or shorter... good weather allows for a longer season and bad weather shortens the Tube Season.

     Tube Haus is one of the original Tubing Outfitters and Tubing Companies that began renting inner tubes back in 1978 on the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake, Texas and now specializes exclusively in "Guadalupe River Tubing". From the very beginning, Tube Haus has always been considered one of the best tubing destinations in Texas. Tube Haus is located near New Braunfels in Canyon Lake, Texas, (on the famous "Horseshoe Loop"), which has been deemed the "Water Recreation Capital of Texas" by the Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce. Tube rental fees cover all day tubing, parking and your return shuttle from our Long float... choose between our Long float or our Short float, or do both if you arrive early enough (our Short float does not require a shuttle, only our Long float requires a shuttle). Float times vary daily based on River Levels, River Conditions, and Release Rates that may change daily from the Canyon Lake Dam, please check with our rental desk for daily Float times (830-964-3011). Guadalupe River Tubing is one of the most enjoyable River Sports on Tubes!

     We accept Cash, M/C, Visa & Discover.    See our "Tube Rental Rates & Tubing Prices" for Inner Tube Rentals, Cooler Tubes, Tubes with Bottoms, Tubes without Bottoms, Cooler Rentals and a complete list of prices and don't forget about our "Tubing Coupon " for a discount on your tube rentals!

     In 2007, 2010, 2011, & 2012, the New Braunfels City Council passed new River Rules, River Laws, Ordinances and Restrictions for anyone participating in River Tubing, Rafting or any other water activities within the City Limits of New Braunfels on the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers. These New River Rules, Floating & Tubing Laws, Regulations and River Restrictions stirred up the whole River Tubing community all over Texas and beyond! People were extremely upset and law suits were filed by local Outfitters in protest, which are still ongoing. A few of the biggest questions we get at The Tube Haus in our emails is... "What are the New River Rules and will they affect me when I go Tubing on the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake?" Is there a "Can Ban" in Canyon Lake? Are there any Cooler Restrictions in Canyon Lake? The simple answer is NO! The New River Rules passed by the New Braunfels City Council only apply to water activities "within the City Limits of New Braunfels" and do not apply to the upper Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake, which is outside the City Limits of New Braunfels. The Tube Haus is located outside the City Limits of New Braunfels and thus you do not have to worry about any of New Braunfels' River Rules and/or Restrictions. Drinking is legal on the river and more specifically, it's legal to drink alcohol on the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake. Tube Haus has posted a Chart on our Website where you can compare the New Braunfels' River Rules with the Texas State River Rules to see the differences. Basically nothing has changed as far as Rules are concerned on the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake except for one New Rule pertaining to "plastic containers" mainly used for Jello Shots... check out it out here, the latest, most up-to-date River Rules: 2021 Guadalupe and Comal River Rules. P.S. Alcohol has not been banned from the Guadalupe River... please drink responsibly.

     In regards to Cooler Restrictions, there are NO Cooler Restrictions or Ice Chest restrictions in Canyon Lake... bring any size Cooler or Ice Chest you like and as many Coolers as you need! Note: There is a strict law which is heavily enforced for all rivers in Texas that forbids any kind of Styrofoam on the river, so please do not bring any "Styrofoam Coolers or products" with you on the river or you may be fined up to $500. Glass is also illegal on the river, so bring beverages and snacks in cans, plastic, or paper containers.

     Cooler and Ice Chest Tips for Guadalupe River Tubing: A common question we get is: "Can you bring your own cooler or ice chest to float on the Guadalupe River near Canyon Lake." The answer is "Yes!!!". The best Coolers and Ice Chests for River Tubing range in size from a 28 Quart capacity up to a 50 Quart capacity and fit into a commercial truck inner tube nicely. In our experience, Coolers and Ice Chests larger than 50 Quarts become very heavy and difficult to handle, so unless you have 2 strong individuals to handle your Cooler or Ice Chest, it's better to use a 50 Quart Cooler or smaller for easier handling and for a more enjoyable day of Guadalupe River Tubing! Also, Coolers and Ice Chests larger than 50 Quarts may not fit into an inner tube because they're too big or have an odd size that prevents it from fitting into an inner tube. Another thing to consider when deciding what size cooler or ice chest to use and how many coolers to use, is which Float Trip you plan on taking or floating. You will not need as many beverages and/or snacks on our Short Float (a 1 mile float) as you would need on our Long Float (a 2 1/2 mile float). The most popular brands of Coolers and Ice Chests are Coleman, Igloo, Yeti, Stanley, Rubbermaid, Ozark Trail, Grizzly, and Pelican (Note: This is not a complete list)

Coleman 40 Quart Wheeled Cooler, perfect for Guadalupe River Tubing in Canyon Lake, TX., where there is No Can Ban!

     We really like the Coleman and Igloo 40-Quart Wheeled Coolers (which is a medium size cooler) with a comfortable tow handle, large sturdy wheels, and a hinged lid (it's extremely important to make sure you get the model with the "hinged lid" or you stand a 99% chance of losing your lid somewhere on the river unless it's attached to your cooler or ice chest, believe us, we've seen it hundreds of times! Coincidentally, take a look at the photo immediately to the right and you'll see a girl floating down the Guadalupe River holding a detached Cooler Lid in one hand and a beer in the other hand! We're pretty sure she never made it back with her lid and now she has a cooler with no lid. A 40 Quart Wheeled Cooler will fit nicely into a Tube and is easy to move around when it's fully loaded! (We're not plugging this Cooler for Coleman or Igloo and we're not getting paid, we simply just like them and thought you might like it too!)

best size inner tube for river tubing and best inner tube for floating you cooler or ice chest - Inner Tube used for 28 quart up to 50 quart Coolers and Ice Chests for float trips and guadalupe river tubing - Photo of a Cooler Tube (inner tube) for your Cooler or Ice Chest - Open 40 quart Coleman or Igloo Cooler / Ice Chest for river tubing -

To set up the perfect "Cooler Tube", start with a commercial 18 wheeler truck inner tube, (size: 10:00R20) which is the perfect size tube for river tubing and for coolers or ice chests, 
add a hard plastic bottom to the inner tube with 8 pieces of very strong "Baler Twine" to attach the plastic bottom to the tube, (make sure the tube's valve stem is pointing down 
towards the plastic bottom so it doesn't present a poking hazard), tie a mesh bag (onion sack) to the valve stem for your empties and trash, fold the bag and tuck it in between the tube
 and plastic bottom until you are ready to use it on the river (you gotta keep the river clean, Don't Mess With Texas!), slip 3 extra pieces of Baler Twine (about 2' long each) under one
 of the bottom support strings to tie down your cooler to your tube when you get down to the river, that way you won't lose your cooler in case your cooler tube flips over during your
 float trip (first photo on the left) As you can see in the middle photo above, the 40 quart Coleman or Igloo Cooler / Ice Chest fits nicely inside the inner tube, but you should carry your
 "tube" and "cooler" separately down to the river as they are easier to carry separately. Think about it, your cooler is full of ice and beverages and maybe some snacks, causing it to be
 quite heavy, so that's the reason we selected a cooler with wheels, so you can roll it right down to the river instead of carrying a heavy, fully loaded cooler or ice chest. Likewise, the
 inner tube is easier to carry by itself, so when you get down to the edge of the river, place your inner tube on the ground, then place your cooler inside the tube so it is sitting on the 
plastic bottom, pull out the extra 3 pieces of 2' Baler Twine and tie your cooler to the inner tube in a manner that securely attaches both together, but still allows you to open your cooler
 lid while tubing so you can access the contents of  your cooler at anytime for your enjoyment while floating! Some people prefer to tie their cooler tube to the tube they are floating in so 
they don't  become separated from their cooler tube when they float through the rapids, however in a very large group, it may be better not to tie the cooler tube to anyone individual 
tube, but to be able to pass the cooler tube around to the entire group when sharing one cooler with many people. Keep in mind, if your cooler is not tied to your tube, then someone
 needs to hang onto the cooler tube when you go through the rapids so you don't become separated from your cooler tube and have to chase after it. The 3rd photo above shows the
 cooler with the lid open, sitting inside the  inner tube and how easy it is to open the cooler and access your beverages and snacks. If you have a large group, you may want to increase
 the size of your cooler(s) up to 50 quarts, (we like the 48 quart Coleman and Igloo Coolers or Ice Chests better than a 50 quart because they seem to fit better in the inner tubes).
If you have a small group, you can take a 28 quart cooler or ice chest, also the length of your float trip may influence your choice of what size cooler to use, short floats only need small coolers, while long floats need larger coolers since you'll be on the river longer and be in the hot sun longer. Have a great time tubing down the Guadalupe River! Cheers! Tube Haus

Here are just a few of the common tags, search phrases, misspellings and misspelled search terms and keywords that people use to find us: Tube House in Canyon Lake, Tube Huas, Toob Haus, River Haus, tube hass, tubehausa, tube rental near the horseshoe, Tubing in New Braunfels, TX., Tube Haus in New Braunfels, New Bronsville, TX, Tubing in Austin, Tubing in San Antonio, rivers in San Antonio, TX., best tubing guadalupe, inner tubing, Tubing in Houston, Float the river in New Braunfels, New Braunfels Tubing, "I wanna go tubing in New Braunsfield", new braunfels horseshoe, ride the river in new braunsfels, Canyon Lake Tubing, Tube Rentals New Braunfels, Texas River Tubing, tube ride, texas, tubing floats, Tube Rentals Canyon Lake, rent tubes, Tubing Canyon Lake, TX., New Braunfels River Float, Tubbing, Toobing, and Tubeing, gontubing, tubing rentals, guadlupe river, guadalupr river, guadeloupe river, gualope river hours, gaulpotia river,.guadlupe river swim, swimming, Alcohol inner tubing Texas, Where to go water tubing in texas?  Where is the best place to tube down the Guadalupe River in Texas? Tube Haus is the best place to Based on what our customers have told us over the years, we find it very interesting that all these tags have one thing in common... everyone is using a different set of words to find the same thing... Guadalupe River Tubing or Guadalupe Water Tubing! Once people have found us, they just bookmark us, and add us as a favorite, or they just type in and wallah, they're here! To be clear, Tube Haus is near New Braunfels (10 minutes), Tube Haus is near San Antonio (55 minutes), Tube Haus is near Austin (55 minutes) and Tube Haus is in Houston's backyard, (Map) just 3 hours and 18 minutes drive down Hwy 10 and TX-46 to Canyon Lake, TX., where the refreshing Guadalupe River is waiting for you and your friends to have an awesome day of floatin' down the river on inner tubes, kickin' back and sipping on your favorite beverage... Guadalupe River Tubing near Houston, Texas! The Guadalupe River is one of the main rivers to float and tube near Houston.

Average Drive Times to Tube Haus from Various Cities in Texas: (Estimated Drive Times are based on "non-rush hour and non-holiday periods". Drive times will vary based on your starting point, number of pit stops, traffic, weather, road construction, accidents, detours, and other unknown factors.) Click here for "Easy Directions & Maps to Tube Haus"

     - From Abilene, TX., approximately 4 hours & 15 minutes   ( ~ 241 Miles)
     - From Austin, TX., approximately 45 to 50 minutes   ( ~ 54 Miles)
     - From Amarillo, TX., approximately 9 hours   ( ~ 515 Miles)
     - From Beaumont, TX., approximately 4 hours & 30 minutes   ( ~ 270 Miles)
     - From Brownsville, TX., approximately 5 hours & 15 minutes   ( ~ 320 Miles)
     - From Bryan., TX., approximately 3 hours & 10 minutes   ( ~ 143 Miles)
     - From College Station, TX., approximately 3 hours   ( ~ 146 Miles)
     - From Corpus Christi, TX., approximately 3 hours   ( ~ 186 Miles)
     - From Dallas, TX, approximately 4 hours   ( ~ 251 Miles)
    -  From Fort Worth, TX, approximately 4 hours    ( ~ 242 Miles)
     - From El Paso, TX., approximately 9 hours   ( ~ 560 Miles)
     - From Fort Hood, TX., approximately 2 hours & 15 minutes   ( ~ 124 Miles)
     - From Gruene, TX., approximately 10 minutes   ( ~ 11 Miles)
     - From Houston, TX., approximately 3 hours & 18 minutes  ( ~ 187 Miles)
     - From Guerra, TX., (Population 8 people), approximately 4 hours   ( ~ 235 Miles)
     - From Laredo, TX., approximately 3 hours & 10 minutes   ( ~ 204 Miles)
     - From Lubbock, TX., approximately 7 hours   ( ~ 392 Miles)
     - From McAllen, TX., approximately 5 hours   ( ~ 282 Miles)
     - From New Braunfels, TX., approximately 15 minutes   ( ~ 13 Miles)
     - From San Antonio, TX., approximately 45 to 50 minutes   ( ~ 48 Miles)
     - From San Marcos, TX., approximately 25 minutes   ( ~ 21 Miles)
     - From Waco, TX., approximately 2 hours & 30 minutes   ( ~ 158 Miles)
     - From Wichita Falls, TX., approximately 6 hours      ( ~ 313 Miles)

Large groups love Guadalupe River Tubing at Tube Haus because there is No Can Ban and they get a great Group Discount!

Come on out and join the fun! We've been in
business since 1978 and lots of folks keep
coming back to see us year after year!
(See more River Tubing Photos here!)


If you don't see your city or town listed in the Drive Time Table above, or if you are driving from out of state, this little widget estimates the distance from the location of your computer to Tube Haus based on the location of your IP Address. Note: The distance you'll see is a straight line to the Tube Haus, it does not indicate actual road mileage. To figure actual road mileage, use Google Maps. Next, click on "Get Directions" and enter your address in the "B" entry slot. Google will map your route for you with your total mileage.

Facts About the Guadalupe River: How long is the Guadalupe River? The length of Guadalupe River (proper) is approximately 230 miles, however if you include the distance of the 2 originating forks (or branches) in western Kerr County feeding the Guadalupe River, it would be approximately 250 miles in length. The Guadalupe River "proper" is the point where the 2 originating forks join and where the 230 mile length begins. The Guadalupe River is one of the most popular rivers in Texas for recreational water activities, including river tubing, swimming, snorkeling, trout fishing, bass fishing, kayaking, canoeing,  and rafting. The Guadalupe River headwaters begin north of Kerrville, TX and continue down past Victoria, TX to San Antonio Bay into the Gulf of Mexico. As the Guadalupe River twists and turns and winds its way through the Texas Hill Country on its way down to the Gulf of Mexico, by far the most visited and popular section of the Guadalupe River for water recreation and river tubing is the famous "Horseshoe Loop", which is a 1 mile stretch of the Guadalupe River shaped just like a giant Horseshoe and is located just below the Canyon Lake Dam and Reservoir, in Canyon Lake, TX. Considered the most significant reservoir on the Guadalupe River, the Canyon Lake Dam & Reservoir began construction in 1959 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and was completed in 1964. The Guadalupe River is extremely beautiful and scenic, and provides water flow for recreational, domestic and agricultural uses throughout its entire length, from Kerrville all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. The "GBRA" (Guadalupe Blanco River Authority) is the local agency (in Seguin, TX) that manages Guadalupe River Flows and Release Rates from the Canyon Lake Dam when Canyon Lake levels are at or below 909 feet Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL). When Canyon Lake levels are above 909 feet (AMSL), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers takes over the management of Guadalupe Release Rates and River Flows as a "Flood Management Agency". In 2002, a massive flood event took place, breaching the Canyon Lake Spillway with such a powerful and destructive force, that it carved a huge "Gorge" just below the Canyon Lake Spillway, uncovering and exposing some incredible archeological finds and geological formations, prompting the creation of the Canyon Lake "Gorge Preservation Society" (GPS), who offer "guided tours" of the newly formed astoundingly beautiful Gorge!
     Back in the mid to late 1960's, it was determined by the TPWD (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department) that the cold water discharges / releases from the Canyon Lake Dam were consistently cold enough to support Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout year round, which led to an annual stocking program of Trout for a 10 mile stretch of the Guadalupe River just below Canyon Lake Dam (including Fishing Access Points), continuing down "River Road" to the "2nd Crossing and Camp Huaco Springs. GRTU (Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited) is a non-profit organization that was formed to protect, preserve and improve river conditions for "trout habitats" for fishermen, young and old, for generations to come. GRTU has had a major impact on Guadalupe River Release rates to help protect and preserve the trout during low water and drought years on the Guadalupe River. For more information on River Levels, River Flow Rates, River Conditions, Release Rates, Canyon Lake Levels, Daily River Updates, click: Guadalupe River Conditions - Canyon Lake, TX

Spring Break at Tube Haus!   -    Tube Haus has been described as a "Top Choice" of "places to go" and "things to do" for Spring Break in Central Texas", also as "One of the Best Low Cost / Cheapest Spring Break Destinations in Texas", and finally, as "One of the Most Popular Places to go in Texas for a Spring Break Destination" by college students in Texas because... Tube Haus is uniquely located in the scenic and beautiful Texas Hill Country in close proximity to Austin, San Antonio and right next door to New Braunfels & Gruene, TX for some of the best night life in the entire USA! All 4 cities offer excellent night life and social activities in the way of great bars, dancing, live bands, music, entertainment and restaurants. In Austin, 6th Street and other adjoining streets are blocked off strictly for pedestrian traffic walking to and from bars and restaurants, just like a "Block Party" in the French Quarters of New Orleans. Austin's Music Scene is 2nd to none and features some of the best live bands anywhere in the world! Just 55 minutes south of Austin in San Antonio, you have the famous San Antonio River Walk, packed with bars and restaurants lining the banks of the picturesque San Antonio River. In New Braunfels, there are 2 areas offering great night life, bars, restaurants, music and entertainment... downtown New Braunfels, right smack in the City Square / Roundabout and adjoining streets, and the 2nd area is in nearby town of Gruene, Texas, which includes Gruene Hall, the oldest Dance Hall in Texas! Most "Spring Breakers" come out to Tube Haus for their "Day Time Activity" and have a blast floating down the Guadalupe River on inner tubes with coolers filled with their favorite beverages and snacks (Alcohol is legal on the Guadalupe River). A very common question is: "Can you drink alcohol on the Guadalupe river? YES it is legal to drink alcohol on the Guadalupe River!!! After a day of tubing down the Guadalupe River, "Spring Breakers" head back to their hotels, hit a shower and then head to their evening destinations for dinner, dancing, music, and entertainment to round out their adventure filled day! Tube Haus will be open daily (7 Days a Week), for Spring Break. Our Hours of Operation will be from 9am to 6pm throughout Spring Break, which usually runs through the first or second week of April... immediately after Spring Break, Tube Haus will switch over to Summer Operating Hours, which we will post right here on our homepage! See Ya When You Git Here! Cheers! 

As always, please help keep our Lakes and Rivers clean for everyone's enjoyment, please "Don't Mess With Texas"! Stash your Trash!

Tube Haus  |  12454 FM 306  |  Canyon Lake, TX 78133  (830) 964-3011

More Fun Rapids near the Tuber exit point on the Horseshoe Loop section of the Guadalupe River,  (830) 964-3011


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Fun Rapids and lots of Tubers on a very scenic and beautiful Guadalupe River make for a great day of fun under the sun! Tube with the Good Guys, Tube

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