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Guadalupe River Tubing is only
3 Hours, 18 Minutes From Houston (Traffic & Weather Permitting)
Did somebody say "Day Trip for Guadalupe River Tubing"?
830-964-3011 - - Map: 12454 FM 306, Canyon Lake, TX 78133


Group of College Students from Houston tubing the Guadalupe River with is in Houston's Backyard! 
River Tubing near Houston!

See Map Below: Houston to Tube Haus in Canyon Lake, TX 
(Google Maps shows: 3 Hours, 18 Minutes!)
Guadalupe River Tubing!!!
Main Website:  Phone: 830-964-3011
No Cooler Restrictions, No Can Ban,
No Ban on Disposable Containers,
No Ban on Music, No Ban on Alcohol, No Ban Man! is your "Hassle Free Tubing Zone!". 
(See 2018 River Rules & Laws Click Here)

Is it possible to pull off a "Day Trip" for Guadalupe River Tubing in Canyon Lake, Texas? Yes, it is completely feasible to plan a "Day Trip" to Canyon Lake, Texas to go River Tubing on the Guadalupe River! Where to go tubing near or close to Houston, Texas? Guadalupe River Tubing is one of the best kept secrets for cheap all day fun outdoor activities right in Houston's backyard! However this "Daytrip" is not for the faint of heart, you must have a plan to pull this off for maximum fun, enjoyment and safety! 
     Here's the plan... Call all your friends and family and let them know you are planning a trip to Canyon Lake, Texas and they're all invited for a fun filled day of Tubing on the beautiful and awesome Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake, TX, which is only 3 hours and 18 minutes away, (traffic and weather permitting). 
You'll need a "Designated Driver" who is well rested with a good night's sleep to be the Captain of your ship, especially on the way home. Total round-trip drive time is estimated at 6 hours and 36 minutes and with approximately 14 hours of daylight during June and July and 13 1/2 hours in August, you'll still have almost 8 hours of play time when you arrive at the Tube Haus in Canyon Lake, TX. Next, have everyone that is going with you, read our "Tubing Checklist" on our Website, so everyone will be prepared to have a great day of tubing on the Guadalupe River! Next, check our "Local Weather Forecast" to make sure you'll have a nice sunny day for tubing.
     As of this writing (based on River Levels), you'll have your choice of our "2 Hour Short Float" on the famous "Horseshoe Loop" which is a 1 mile stretch of the Guadalupe River shaped just like a Horseshoe, or our "5 1/2 Hour Long Float", which includes the famous "Horseshoe Loop", plus another 1 1/2 miles of scenic Guadalupe River views. It's a well known fact that long exposures to sunshine can make the average sober person tired, so we're recommending our "2 Hour Short Float" with a twist. The twist is... you'll float our 2 Hour Short Float trip one time, then take a break for Lunch, either tailgating on our parking lot with food you packed from home or dining at one of our local restaurants. Then, after lunch, come back and float our 2 Hour Float again before heading back to Houston. Be sure to bring a waterproof camera to capture all the great photo opportunities throughout the day while floating the river! For those of you who want to float our 5 1/2 hour Long Float, we recommend that you make reservations at one of the local resorts nearby for overnight accommodations, click here for Lodging Information. We feel strongly that the 5 1/2 hour float is too much to cram into one day and still be alert enough to make the drive back to Houston safely even for a sober, well rested designated driver... it's always better to be safe than sorry in our opinion. Please take a look at the Map below to see how easy the drive is and how simple the directions are for Guadalupe River Tubing near Houston! Please call our Front Desk at 830-964-3011 for any questions or for additional information! See Ya When You Git Here!  Thank You!                                            "Closest Floating and Tubing the Guadalupe River near Houston, TX Area Map"

Driving Directions: Houston to Canyon Lake, Texas:

GPS Address for Tube Haus: 29.865384,-98.165592       Physical Address: 12454 FM 306, Canyon Lake, Texas 78133

From Houston:  Take Interstate Hwy 10 West about 161 miles to Exit 607, Take exit 607 toward TX-46/ Farm to Market 78/ New Braunfels/ Lake McQueeney, turn left onto the I-10 Frontage Road for 141 feet, and then turn right onto Hwy 46, heading to New Braunfels, go about 11 miles where Hwy 46 meets Interstate Hwy 35 in New Braunfels. Turn right on Interstate Hwy 35 North, go North about 2 1/2 miles, get off at Exit 191 - (FM 306 / FM 483 for Canyon Lake). Turn left onto FM 306 and go 12.3 miles. When you get within a mile of Tube Haus, you'll cross over the Guadalupe River twice, crossing 2 bridges about 1/4 mile apart, after you cross the 2nd bridge, you'll see our HUGE TEXAS FLAG BILLBOARD on the right side of the road (see photo at bottom of this page), turn right into Tube Haus' parking lot... Call 830-964-3011 if you need assistance.

Tube Haus Billboard Sign - when you see this sign, you're here! Tour Bus Group getting ready to float the Guadalupe River with

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