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 Realtime Guadalupe River Levels, Conditions & Flows For River Tubing
Tube Haus has absolutely no control over River Levels, River Conditions, River Flows or the amount of water released from the Canyon Lake Dam and Reservoir. Currently the "GBRA" 
(Guadalupe Blanco River Authority) in Seguin, TX. in conjunction with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers out of Ft. Worth, TX. controls the amount of water released from the Canyon Lake Reservoir and Dam. GBRA are the "Stewards" of the "water resources" on the Guadalupe River, which belong to all the people in the State of Texas. The GBRA is suppose to manage the Guadalupe River and water resources to the satisfaction of the people of Texas. If you are a Texan and not happy about the "River Levels" for Tubing on the Guadalupe River or have a 
complaint about River Levels, please call the GBRA at
830-379-5822 and voice your concerns, you can also email the GBRA at: The only way that the GBRA 
will know that change is needed in the way they manage the Guadalupe River and River Levels is by hearing from all the Texans who use the river for recreation. If you are a Texan
and want to see River Levels and conditions improve for Tubing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting, Swimming and Fishing on the Guadalupe River, please call or email the GBRA. Thank You!

CLICK HERE FOR:  CURRENT GUADALUPE RIVER LEVELS  (Note: Scroll Down To The Guadalupe River Basin, then look for
"Guadalupe Rv at Sattler, TX", then look in the 3rd column)

(Realtime Guadalupe River Conditions , Guadalupe River Levels, River Flows, River Release Rates )
The Chart above provides "Realtime Release Rates and River Flows in "cfs" (cubic feet per second) and Real-Time Lake 
Levels and Elevations measured in feet above, below or at "mean sea level" (msl)" at the Canyon Lake Reservoir and Dam in Canyon Lake, Texas.
Readings for Canyon Lake: Normal Conservation Pool Elevation is 909.00 feet above mean sea level (msl). "Current Elevation" is the 
"realtime reading" (which means "at this moment") of Canyon Lake Pool Levels measured in feet above, below, or at normal "mean sea level" (msl). 
One of 3 conditions will exist on the "realtime readings", the Lake will either be above, below or exactly at 909.00 (Normal Conservation Pool Elevation).

(Note: The Flow at the Sattler Gage (also spelled Gauge) should match the Outlet Works Release reading when the gages are working properly. If there 
is a difference between the two readings, then either one of the gages, or both gages may not be working properly or recent rainfall runoff has increased 
the river flow at the Sattler Gage and the two gages will not match. Quite often these gages are broken or inaccurate, so constant maintenance, tweaking
 and repairs are required, however most of the time it seems like repairs happen at the pace of a Turtle. The Sattler Gage is located immediately down river 
from the Release Gate at Canyon Lake Dam. Occasionally, the GBRA or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will release water using the "Turbine Setting Gates" 
separately or in combination with the "Outlet Works Release Gates". In this situation, the Flow at Sattler Gage should match the "Turbine Setting" if 
used separately (without the "Outlet Works Release"), however if both the "Turbine Setting" and the "Outlet Works Release" Gates are used at the same 
time,  then you would add the "Turbine Setting" to the "Outlet Works Release" and it should equal the "Flow at the Sattler Gage". Again, if the numbers 
don't add up correctly, then it could be runoff from recent rainfall, which would cause a difference in Gage readings or if there hasn't been any recent 
rainfall, then faulty Gages are probably to blame.

GBRA Map of Guadalupe River Flow Gages from the "Head Waters" at Hunt, TX, all the way down to Tivoli, TX at the Gulf of Mexico

For a detailed listing of River Flows and River Levels provide by the USGS (United States Geological Survey)
 at various Gages along the entire length of the Guadalupe River, Click this Link and scroll down to the Guadalupe River Basin.
Important Guadalupe River Levels & Flows Check Points (Gage Locations): Guadalupe River at Hunt, TX, Guadalupe River at Kerrville, TX, 
Guadalupe River at Comfort, TX, Guadalupe River at Spring Branch, TX, Guadalupe River at Sattler, TX, 
Guadalupe River above the Comal River at New Braunfels, TX

USGS Map of Real Time River Flow and Lake Levels for the Guadalupe River and Canyon Lake

How to read and use the information on this page:
Guadalupe River Levels, Release Rates, Flows and Conditions are determined and managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operating out of Fort Worth, Texas when Canyon Lake levels are above "Normal Pool Elevations" of 909.00 feet above "mean sea level" (msl). When Canyon Lake levels are at "Normal Elevations" or below 909.00 feet above msl, the U.S. Corps of Engineers turns over control of River Release Rates to the GBRA (Guadalupe Blanco River Authority), operating out of Seguin, Texas. Again, when Canyon Lake  water levels are at "Conservation Pool Level", also called "Normal Elevation" which is 909.00 feet above mean sea level (msl), or anything below 909.00 feet, then control and management of river conditions such as "release rates", "river flows" and "river levels" are turned over to the GBRA (Guadalupe Blanco River Authority) out of Seguin, TX. However when Canyon Lake Levels are above "Conservation Pool Level" or "Normal Pool Elevation", (above 909.00 feet above mean sea-level) then control of Guadalupe River conditions, such as "release rates", "river flows" and "river levels" switches back over to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers out of Ft. Worth, TX. There are exceptions to the "switching off of duties" between the two governing authorities... occasionally the GBRA will request an additional foot of water be held back in the Canyon Lake Reservoir to maintain 910.00 feet above mean sea-level, to provide plenty water over the summer months to accommodate river tubing and general water recreation on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake Dam. When the additional foot of water is approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, control of the release rates from Canyon Lake Dam remain in the control of the GBRA unless a severe weather event occurs while Canyon Lake levels are between 909.00 and 910.00. If a severe weather event drops a significant amount rainfall, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would immediately take over control of release rates, since their main purpose and expertise is "Flood Control" on the Guadalupe River via the Canyon Lake Dam Flood Gates.

Do Guadalupe River Flows, Levels and Conditions change often? That depends mostly on weather patterns... recently, Canyon Lake was in a severe drought situation for the past 5 years, (almost no rain whatsoever), so water levels stayed pretty constant over the past 5 years (below 80 cfs) with only slight changes that would not be noticed by most people while tubing down the Guadalupe River. However towards the end of May 2015, heavy rains returned to our area and delivered massive amounts of rainfall causing "flash flooding" and an extremely high lake level of 17 feet above "Normal Pool Elevations" (926.00 feet msl). Because of this extreme weather event, Guadalupe River Levels and Flows have changed constantly (almost daily and sometimes several times in one day without notice), so it would be wise to check the "Realtime River Information Chart" at the top of this page and compare it to the "River Tubing Levels Reference Chart" (below) before coming out to go tubing. If for some reason the Charts are not displaying properly, or there has been recent rainfall in our area or above Canyon Lake, then please call our office (830-964-3011) before coming out to check on current " Guadalupe river levels" and "Guadalupe river conditions".

Water is released from the 
Canyon Lake Dam Flood Gates and is measured in "Cubic Feet Per Second" or CFS.
Refer to the following River Tubing Levels Reference Chart 
below to determine the current river conditions / flows measured in "cfs" by comparing this Chart with the River Levels Box above.

  ***  Below 100 cfs...  ***
(River Levels below 100 cfs are "Low & Slow" - add extra time to your float trip)

100 - 499 cfs =

500 - 799 cfs = Challenging

800 - 999 cfs = Strenuous
** Extreme Caution is Advised **

1000 cfs and above = NO RIVER TUBING

(Considered Too Dangerous for Tubing)

This Page Provides Information on: Guadalupe River Tubing Levels, Tubing River Flow Rates, Guadalupe River Tubing Conditions, Guadalupe River Release Rates, Canyon Lake Levels, Canyon Lake Pool Elevations, Daily Guadalupe River Updates, and a River Conditions Chart for gauging River safety and various levels of difficulty for River Tubing.

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