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Guadalupe River Tubing Checklist and Safety Tips
(It is very important to read this Checklist "BEFORE" you go tubing!)
(Tubing Tips: What to bring with you for "River Tubing", what to do and what NOT to do, while tubing on the Guadalupe river.)

1.   CHILDREN should be at least 5 years old or older and accompanied by an adult at all times for tubing on the river. Adults should stay close to their children at all times and children should be watched constantly. Life jackets are recommended for all children under 12 yrs. old, and for all weak and non-swimmers. There are No Life Guards on duty, use caution, think safety first! "Age Limits" can and do change when river levels and conditions change, please check our Website or call our office at 830-964-3011 for the most up to date river conditions and age requirements.

IMPORTANT... Guadalupe river tubing, swimming and river activities have both inherent and unknown risks and dangers. These include, but are not limited to, injury or loss of life. There are No Life Guards on this section of the Guadalupe River and you will be on your own, use caution and think safety first!

2.   SECURE AND PROTECTIVE RIVER FOOTWEAR: such as TENNIS SHOES, Aqua-shoes, water shoes or other footwear that can be tied or strapped securely to your feet and will not slip off are needed to protect your feet against sharp objects, and prevent cuts, scrapes and bruises while walking to and from entry/exit points. Shoes also protect your bare feet from the rocky and slippery river bottom or broken glass. Note: No Glass is allow on the river for this very reason. WARNING: Do NOT wear Flip-Flops because they are not securely attached to your feet... they will easily slide off your feet and you will lose them in the river... then you will be barefoot and really bumming out, especially if you step on something sharp... this small mistake can turn into a huge disaster and ruin your entire float trip! Make the small investment for a good pair of secure water shoes and be happy all day with happy feet!
3.   ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE OK and legal on the Guadalupe River. Anyone who is of "legal drinking age" can drink while they are Tubing, however we ask that you PLAY IT SAFE and use good judgment, please keep it SAFE and FUN for everyone! Drink Responsibly! If you get too drunk and out of control, you stand a good chance of getting arrested... again, use good judgment, have a good time and keep it safe for everyone! Play it safe by having a designated sober driver. NOTE: Texas State Law - NO Public Alcohol Consumption or Public Drinking on Sundays between the hours of 2:15am and 12 noon, (that is Saturday night after midnight going into Sunday morning until 12 noon for clarification). To legally start drinking on Sundays, wait until 12:01pm! Also, you CAN NOT purchase Alcohol before 12:00 noon on Sundays.   Official details here: TABC State of Texas Website
4.   GLASS CONTAINERS and STYROFOAM COOLERS are NOT ALLOWED on the Guadalupe River BY LAW and all such items will be confiscated, with possible arrest and fines. Coolers & ice chests may be checked for glass by Law Enforcement at any point on the river.
5.   A CAP, HAT or VISOR and SUNGLASSES will help shield and protect your face, eyes and head from severe sunburn and the UV rays of the sun. 
6.  SUN BLOCK and Sunscreen should be applied often, BEFORE and DURING your float trip or anytime you are out in direct sunlight for any length of time. It's a good idea to bring a large white T-shirt (with short sleeves to allow for free movement in the water, see Rule #7 below) to put on if you begin to sunburn.       
7.  Wear Appropriate Clothing for Tubing & Swimming - IMPORTANT: DO NOT wear clothing that will tangle and/or restrict your ability to swim, which could cause you to drown. DO NOT wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, scarves, coats, jackets, long dresses, Burkhas, Sari Dress Salwar Kameez, large, baggy, loose or heavy clothing of any type. Make sure your arms and legs have free movement at all times while you are tubing or when you are in the water.
8.   PARK ONLY in designated areas, cars in undesignated areas may be towed. Now that would certainly ruin a fun day on the river!
9.   DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR KEYS, house keys or valuables on the River…keys don't float and Locksmiths are expensive! Tube Haus has a safe keep area for your keys. Always leave your keys with a Tube Haus attendant. 
10. DO NOT TAKE VALUABLES ON THE RIVER as most items sink and are never found. Do not wear valuable rings and jewelry on the river. Over time, wet fingers will shrink and rings will slip off and never to be found again! Necklaces and earrings slip off, break, and magically disappear into the river, never to be found...  Again... do not take valuables on the river with you and always leave your keys with an attendant. Every week we see people who did not follow this tip and they have lost something of great value to them, but 99% of the time, their item(s) are never found again.
11. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. If you are drinking Beer or some other Alcoholic beverage, drink a bottle of water between each beverage to stay hydrated. Beer and liquor do not hydrate your body, they actually promote dehydration, so drinking a bottle of water between each alcoholic beverage will help keep you hydrated. As a rule of thumb, no one should ever float down the river without at least one bottle of water with them! 
12. PLEASE DO NOT LITTER!  Please dispose of all trash properly during your visit in Canyon Lake, TX. All the Outfitters in Canyon Lake give out free mesh trash bags to anyone who requests one. The free mesh trash bags have been provided by WORD (Water-Oriented Recreational District) in an effort to keep the Guadalupe River clean and beautiful. At Tube Haus, we include a free mesh trash bag with every Cooler Tube so our customers can store their trash and empties during their float trip. When you return back to Tube Haus from your float trip, we empty the mesh trash bags in every Cooler Tube and any other mesh trash bags that were used by request. As we empty each mesh trash bag, we sort out and recycle all the cans. Please dispose of all trash in designated receptacles when possible. Help keep our rivers, parks and Texas beautiful. Please Don't Mess With Texas!  Thank You!
13. Respect Private Property! The Guadalupe River is lined with private properties and private homes. Do not trespass, it is against the law and violators may be prosecuted if caught and fined up to $500.00
14. Be Alert, watch the Weather! Get out of the river during lightning storms and seek shelter... do not stay in the water or stand under trees in a lighting storm... if possible, seek shelter. You can monitor our 
Local Weather in Canyon Lake / Sattler from this Link: "Weather Underground"
15. Make a Float Plan! Let family members and friends know where you're going, who you are with, what time you're leaving and what time you're coming back. Don't forget to leave the phone number, Website and the name of the Outfitter and/or place you will be going to. If your plans change, please update all who are concerned. Tube Haus offers 3 different float trips and float times vary for each float due to river levels, please check with your Outfitter (Tube Haus) before getting on the river for the current float time for the float you select so you have accurate information to pass along.
16. Always Check Our Website ( just before you get into your car and head our way... Weather and River Levels can and do change from time to time, so a quick check of our Website is part of a good plan, you can also check our Website from your "smart phone" at anytime as well. Any changes that would affect the safety of river tubing on the Guadalupe River in our area will be posted on our Website as soon as we become aware of any such changes. If such a situation would develop, we would get notifications from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and/or by the Water-Oriented Recreational District (WORD), which in turn would be posted immediately on our Website.
17. Medical Conditions: People with Medical Conditions and Pregnant Women should consult their Doctor before going tubing and subjecting themselves to lengthy exposure in the hot Texas Sun and possible dehydration. River Tubing is an Outdoor Activity that can be strenuous on certain individuals with Medical Conditions. Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water and follow your Doctor's orders! If you need to take your medications with you on the river, be sure and pack them in a water proof or water tight container or a water tight Ziploc baggie and then secure them in a safe place so you can ingest them at the proper intervals as prescribed by your Doctor. Before getting on the River, please inform your family members and/or friends about your medical condition just in case if something should happen to you, they will be ready to take charge and act quickly in case of an emergency!
18. Secure and Protect Expensive Prescription Eye Glasses, Sunglasses and Eyewear with a floatable safety neckband that attaches to your eye glasses at the end of each arm or stem of your glasses and slip over your head like a necklace. This will help prevent your eye glass from sinking to the bottom of the river should you tip over and it will provide a good chance of recovery of your eye glasses. These floatable neckbands can be purchased at all major sporting goods stores.
19. DOGS & Guadalupe River Tubing: Dogs are welcome to go tubing on the Guadalupe River and ride on Tube Haus shuttles with you, however, you are 100% completely responsible for the safety and well being of your dog at all times, including its behavior towards other people, other dogs and/or animals... Tube Haus is not responsible for your dog(s) in any regard or manner. Not all dogs are suited for river tubing (and for some humans as well, as mentioned above)... there are both inherent and unknown risks and dangers on the Guadalupe River...these include but are not limited to injury or loss of life to you or your dog. Know your dog's abilities and make your decisions accordingly... PLEASE NOTE: Tube Haus has a "NO REFUND POLICY", so if your dog does not like River Tubing, there are NO REFUNDS!  Some people would like their dog(s) to wear a life jacket while tubing and/or swimming...We DO NOT have, nor do we offer life jackets for DOGS, please bring your own Doggy life jacket IF your dog needs or requires one. Dogs have sharp claws and occasionally puncture their tube, because of this, there will be a $25 cash charge for your dog's tube should your dog puncture or lose its tube or if it gets stolen. Most Dogs don't carry cash with them, so you "the owner" will have to cover the charges or expenses for your canine companion. Please note, there is a county ordinance for Comal County, that requires all dogs to be on a leash and a fine of up to $500 for dogs running loose.
20. No Jumping from Bridges, it is illegal to do so. Trees, Cliffs and Rope Swings line the banks of the Guadalupe River on Private Property. It is considered trespassing to enter someone's property without their permission and carries a $500 fine. Many injuries and some deaths have occurred by people who were under the influence of alcohol and others who were not, either way, these individuals got so excited about jumping at one of these points, that they did not check to see how deep the water was or if there were rocks or logs under the water they could not see. Please do not turn you fun-filled float trip into a tragedy by ignoring this warning.
Tube Haus reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

What to Pack for River Tubing & Float Trips on the Guadalupe River
(No Glass or Styrofoam is allowed on the River!)

  • We recommend a hard plastic Cooler or Ice Chest between 28 Quarts and 50 Quarts capacity, with handles for easy handling, a hinged lid with a latch to prevent loss of cooler contents in case it flips over. Also Coolers and Ice Chests in this size range will fit nicely into an inner tube, for easy access while tubing down the Guadalupe River. Coolers and Ice Chests larger than 50 quarts may not fit into an inner tube and are difficult to handle.
    (Please No Styrofoam Coolers on the river, they're illegal)

  • Plenty of Bottled Water to stay hydrated (See Tubing Tip #11 above)

  • High SPF Sunblock and a white T-shirt to prevent sunburn (Re-apply Sunblock often) (See Tubing Tip #6 above)

  • Sunglasses and a hat, (if you wear expensive prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, you should wear a floatable neckband / safety strap / or eyeglass float bobbers that fit over the ends of your eyeglass arms or stems to help prevent losing your eyewear in case you fall out of your tube or if you go in for a dip. (See Tubing Tip #5 above)

  • River Shoes (See Tubing Tip #2 above) to protect your feet, (Flip Flops are the worst shoe in the world to go tubing with, wear something that fits securely on your feet and won't slip off... an old pair of tennis shoes works fine, Aqua Socks, Teva River Shoes, Keen River Shoes, etc...)

  • A Cheapie Waterproof Camera/Video so you can capture and share your fun-filled adventure with friends and family! (Please do not bring high-dollar camera & video gear on the river, it's too risky).

  • Ziploc Baggies / Tupperware - Various sizes, depending on what you want to keep dry

  • Ice, Beer, Soda, Sports Drinks, Koozies, Mixed Drinks in Plastic Containers (Please No Glass Containers on the River - they're illegal) (Please note that there is NO PUBLIC CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL BEFORE 12 NOON ON SUNDAYS, IT'S ILLEGAL, PLEASE WAIT UNTIL 12:01pm before you start drinking in Texas.)

  • Plenty of Snacks for long floats - all your favorites (keep in mind, most everything you don't want to carry will be going into your Cooler, unless someone is willing to wear a waterproof backpack for additional capacity) Food is not necessary on Short Floats. Also food and snacks can be kept in your vehicle when you take a break or when you are done for the day. Snacks get soggy real easy, so keep that in mind when choosing your snacks and how you are going to keep them dry.

  • Some people like to bring their music on the river with them, so it's up to you to figure out how to do that! Some people bring an iPod in a waterproof case and others bring $1000 Coolers totally rigged out with a complete waterproof sound system with sub-woofers and a power booster!

  • Most Outfitters hold your Car Keys as your deposit on your tubes, so there is no need to bring your car keys on the river with you. Please do not bring your car keys, cell phones, wallet, purse, jewelry, wedding rings, class rings, expensive ear rings, or anything else you don't want to lose on the river... either lock it in your vehicle or leave it at home. The river will swallow all your valuables and you will have almost no chance of recovering anything that falls into the river... it happens every weekend somewhere on the river, so please take this tip seriously! (If you feel like you must take a cell phone with you on the river, look into getting a cheapie disposable cell phone that will not devastate you if you lose it or it gets wet and becomes useless. Make sure to pack your disposable phone in a waterproof container.)

  • Dry clothing and towels - keep these items in your car until you get off the river.

  • Always let someone know where you are going for the day... tell them the name of the place and/or business and provide the phone number and Website of the place (See Tubing Tip #15 above "Make a Float Plan").

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